"Bensimon skillfully builds the children's perspective and the passage to adulthood with a new and original voice in the young Latin American

Nathalie Jarast, La Nación

"The three short stories are great and they are also very powerful when seen together as a set.  A caixa (The Box) is my favorite, and actually, it is one of the best short stories I have read in a long time. The language is sharp, the descriptions are rich, and here and there, some wonderful comparisons come up. The structure is perfect and the characters are very well designed. Besides, I have never seen in any other story a piece of architecture achieving the status of a character in such a powerful way".

Daniel Galera

"Three independent stories that share a melancholic view of the passage from adolescence to adulthood compose this book that approaches this topic in a very original manner. Rejecting the banality of an egoic and linear narrative, Bensimon creates credible characters in a recognizable world by making use of diverse and complementary views, employing a language which, such as dust on a wall, hides solid structures".

Luiz Ruffato, Bravo!

"Three stories that present admirable unity and technical mastery for a writing debut".

Carlos André Moreira, Zero Hora

"It is common and natural for a young writer to concentrate their narratives on conflicts of equally young characters (or even younger).  It is less common that the view of such conflicts has reached a level of maturity that is enough to understand them in a first book".

Martín Cristal, La Voz

"It is a book to be read slowly, enjoying the sensation attached to the word.  It leads the reader on by means of a unique writing style, which gleams in the translation by Martín Caamaño".

Betina González, Clarín

Back to the modernist house where she grew up, Alice returns to the tragedy that marked her
teenage years. In a small town, mysterious construction works change the daily lives of
sisters Lina and Titi. Clara, an aspiring young writer, gets a job at a hotel in the mountains
and becomes Capitan Capybara. In all the three stories of Pó de Parede (Wall Dust), the characters face their disillusions with sarcasm and tenderness, revealing the melancholic side
of youth.


Foreign Editions
Dakota Editora, 2014